ted and bob let exams get to them this year, they continued to fumble the bag and y’all hate to see it.
by fumbletumble December 18, 2019
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When you got a good looking girl that was down for you, but you fuck it up and now she don’t want you back!
You had her, but you lost her?? You fumbled the bag bruh!
by hoodigan June 4, 2021
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Miss out on a chance to make money or fuck something up in the process of getting money, causing you to not be able to get said money
You had a chance to rob him and you didn't? That's how you fumble the bag
by fuckjcsy June 20, 2020
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Dennis Schroeder, when declined an $84M extension with the Lakers, to later only sign a $5M deal with the Celtics
“Wow! I can’t believe Dennis fumbled the bag so hard by declining his extension
by Henny_Benny August 11, 2021
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Not being able to get into a relationship thats perfectly set up for you
Aaron fumbled the bag within 12 hours. the girl was perfect but once he started typing he was already fumbling the bag
by AJ7865 April 24, 2023
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