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Fujoshi (translated from Japanese as "rotten girl") is a term amongst the anime community that applies to degenerate females who are obsessed with Yaoi and gay men, usually to an unhealthy and/or uncomfortable degree. Fujoshis typically don't actually support real LGBT people (nor the show they're watching) and will fetishize a pairing of two or more young looking anime boys regardless of their canonical sexuality.

Essentially, it is the female equivalent of men who brag about hentai.
Sarah: "These two smol cinnamon roll boys are so cute together uwu they should date gay guys are so hot omggggggg"
Lillie: "But they're both canonically straight"
Sarah: "who cares, i'm a fujoshi and proud so go away homophobe"
Lillie: "I wouldn't be proud of that if I were you."
by UnorthodoxAnon May 12, 2021
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a form of shitposting within the Touhou community that involves posting images of the fumofumo plushies in random situations, often as reaction images.

the word comes from the instagram account of the same name.
"that guy's been posting a lot of touhou fumos as of recent."

"he's fumoposting, dude."
by UnorthodoxAnon June 8, 2021
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A subgenre of horror that's often made to attract younger audiences, characterized by a recognizable (usually marketable) mascot. Games in this genre may rely on cheap jump scares and are likely to have extremely convoluted lore.

Examples of mascot horror include but are not limited to: Five Nights At Freddy's, Poppy Playtime, and Hello Neighbor.
"bro that new mascot horror game was terrible, the characters are funny though."
by UnorthodoxAnon February 14, 2023
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