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Slang for refugee, Esp. refugee of political oppression or natural disaster. Usually refers to refugees who wear soiled clothes and have a propensity to squat in public areas and loot anything not nailed down. Circa 2005, slang for "refugees" or more appropriately evacuees of Hurricanes Katrina and Rita.

Also used as an adjective, fugeed

Means something that has been lived in, soiled, stained, looted or otherwise damaged by a lengthy dirty habitiation.
Yes, Sally, it is a beautiful plasma TV! I got it on the cheap from some fugees down at the Astrodome.

I'm sorry sir, we've had to restrict the use of the Red Cross, FEMA or any of the other fugee cards here at this gentleman's club.

Downtown sure used to be nice and clean until it got all fugeed out with the crackheads from the N.O.
by mistah' collins November 28, 2005
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1) Short for "refugee."
2) When "What the" is added before it, an exclamation of surprise and disbelief.
1) Boy, I sure do love The Fugees.
2) You ate the door? What the fugee?
by MSK101.1 April 29, 2003
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Short for "refugees." Derogatory term for political refugees usually. Used commonly in Canada for foreign people who are applying for residency / citizenship by declaring themselves political refugees that cannot return to their homeland because of persecution for whatever reason. See fob.
"lookit that weird brown guy trying to figure out how to use a payphone. what a fugee."
by marcuscreature February 09, 2005
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buy the domain for your travel site
Plastic security seal on the top of jars.
Where's the easy tear strip on this damn fugee
by Leedalewellard May 22, 2005
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