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Tim: Hey girl whatsup with those pants?
Emily: What you dont like them?
Tim: HELL NO!!! Those bitches r FUGE
by Deadley Smedley January 31, 2011
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Fuge is the most awesome dude ever with a very devoted group of followers known as Fugeys. He is often times refered to as The Fuge. Followers many times will tatoo "The Fuge" all over their body and hang limbs outside of their cars while driving away from swim meets at very highspeeds.
When you see a "fugey" be sure to honk, yell, or praise The Fuge. If you insult the Fugey, may god help you, as your sunburn will be slapped, or you will be hit with a ping pong ball coming at very highspeeds. Many Fugeys think of the Fuge when trying to accompish a task or win something.
What would Fuge do?
by A fellow Fugey June 06, 2004
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The people who have a particularly fucking big vagina or big fucking dick especially while fucking.
That fuge is fun to fuck.
Those fuges must have good fucks
by PEOPLE!! November 16, 2016
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1. to be in the process of running or hiding from someone with the intent of not being found
2. to be playing the game fugitive
3. <context dependent> shortened form of effing huge
1. I can't talk right now, I'm totally fuging from this asshole.

2. Hey, you wanna fuge with me and my crew tonight?
3. Man, that explosion was fuge!
by thePoAreinYoNeighborhood July 29, 2009
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Someone with a degree in English who can't spell.

Origin - Contestant on UK scrabble style gameshow Countdown who had graduated with an English degree yet could only come up with the non-existant word "fuge" from a bank of 9 letters. As confirmed on Scott Mills Radio One show in May 2012
Dude, you're a Fuge.
Yeah, congrats on graduating, but you're still a Fuge.
Good job I didn't graduate, or I'd be a total Fuge.
by Sweetlikehoney May 14, 2012
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