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1. The resultant actions/behaviour of being a fucknut.
2. Specifically in the context of belief systems. Use most often to refer to religious behaviour in preference to common sense.
See: Major Religions (and also the minor ones)
Preaching abstinence as sex education is pure fucknuttery.
It was fucknuttery when he told them that condoms would not save them from AIDS.
Fighting for peace the same sort of fucknuttery as screwing for virginity.
by thespacecadet July 17, 2014
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Someone doing something as if they were a "fuck nut", or the actions of one.
I leave for a few minutes, and when I return all I see is a bunch of fucknuttery!
by DX November 29, 2004
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1:When someone does something incredibly stupid their actions are an example of fucknuttery.

2:When someone is able to be described as a fuck nut anything they may do is an example of fucknuttery.

see also fuck nut
Man 1: did you see jay?
man 2: no I did not what did he do?

man 1 : It was some real fucknuttery , he tried to make out with my sister.
man 2: That is some real stupid shit, he is such a fuck nut.
by Wardog1155 July 24, 2010
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Description of how your day/week/month/year/life has been

How someone has made your day go from great to ultimately shit, they therefore being a fuck in "they do my nut in" - nut = head
that fuck nut has completely turned this day into fuck nuttery

what a fuck nuttery of a week
by laura elle April 18, 2011
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