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This word is to describe a person who is a stupid son of a bitch or who makes a complete ass of themselves on a regular basis.
Who was the fucknutt that just ran in to that glass door.
by Shimatta October 27, 2004
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Someone who constantly is made fun of, yet comes back for more, and makes an ass of him/herself regularly.
by Corollas December 07, 2007
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A person who smears peanut butter on their reproductive organs and has a dog lick it of for the sole purpose of sexual gradification.
That sick fucker is a total FUCK NUTT! He smears peanut butter on his cockandballs and has his dog lick it off!
by FUCK NUTT December 07, 2007
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A word one often screams at another driver while experiencing road rage. A bad driver who does something on the road that pisses you off.
You god dam fuck nutt, get the hell off the road.
by Jersey Girl in Florida November 04, 2016
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