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when one is bored as fuck with bugger all to do.
used commonly by grant lothian it is becoming more popular.
grant: am fuckeded mate. gawn hame.
stan: awrite catch ye later
grant: aye
by GRANTLOTHIAN March 21, 2007
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To be/get fucked-ed can mean many things:

1. simply being fucked
2. to get waaaaaaaaaaaasted!
3. to do yourself a rather painful injury
4. to be fucked-ed in the head
i'm fucked-ed

well done you are like the Mad Hatter / are very drunk / are in a lot of pain / just got fucked!
by he's Scott The Love etc etc November 21, 2010
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fuckeded (adj)

Definition of Fuckeded


a : exceeding the limits of what is usual

b : not conventional or matter-of-fact

c:: arousing or deserving ridicule : extremely silly or unreasonable

c: just plain ole' fucking ridiculous

2. (noun)

also fuckedness: type of action or behavior
Examples of fuckeded

Dude wearing that suit jacket with the Richard Simmons headband was mad fuckeded on the dance floor!

That's a pretty fuckeded suggestion if you ask me.

I don't know what's more fuckeded... shopping at Whole Foods or Nature Mart? (that's an LA thing)
by cathex January 11, 2011
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