An event that scars normal, law-abiding people for the rest of their lives.

A wide variety of things can be described as fucked up shit, some of which are listed below.
2 girls 1 cup
hXc internet porn
watching the polar express 50+ times
seeing fat people have sex
seeing your grandparents have sex
seeing any old people have sex
seeing your parents have sex
seeing your siblings have sex (even if it's not incest)
watching somebody commit suicide
using bodies as sandbags (you know... war..)
rape stories
watching people jump out of burning buildings (9/11)
watching animal cruelty videos
putrid sex object
2 guys 1 horse

holy fucking shit man.. there's a lot of fucked up shit out there..
by da tr00f July 24, 2009
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An extremely unacceptable situation, especially one that involves a high degree of bad luck or unfairness.
After being crapped on by a bird for the third time in one day, Roger remarked "Man, this is some fucked up shit."
by Treebor June 23, 2007
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something extremely perverted or gross. often used in shock or awe.
wow, you just ate your vomit willingly? that is some fucked up shit.
by andrew September 12, 2004
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To have ones shit fucked up
After losing to TROGDOR Billy was depressed to the point of suicide. TROGDOR Fucked billy's shit up.
by NADROJ January 22, 2004
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Urinating and covering a dying woman with shaving cream.
Anderson shouted "this is YouTube material" as he urinated on - and later smothered shaving foam over - the victim, an elderly woman who had collapsed near his Hartlepool house.

The old woman's last words were reported to be "this is some fucked up shit!"
by My essence has no names September 19, 2007
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Something that happens that is truly fucked up. An example is when an ugly ass son of a bitch has the nerve to imply that you aren't good enough for him when his girlfriend has the body of a teletubby and her eyebrows don't share the same zip code.
Christopher made some dumbass comments about your body. That is some fucked up shit.
by mcnuggetdestroyer December 30, 2017
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