A game that is played in a group. One person gets three names chosen by the group. The names are people he/she knows or it could be celebrities.

Then that person chooses which of those three he/she would fuck, marry, and kill.

*Note: Choosing people they know, from school for example, makes it more fun and interesting. This is not intended for literal thoughts.
"Ok. Tom, Megan Fox, and Matt. Fuck-marry-kill."

"Ummm alright, I would fuck Megan Fox,
marry Tom and kill Matt."
by Pamp28 February 9, 2009
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A game that can be heard on the Howard Stern show where a person is given 3 names. You must fuck one, marry one, and kill one.
Howard: Fuck, marry, kill; Pamela Anderson, Carmen Electra, Oprah
Listener: I'd kill Oprah, Fuckin Pamela Anderson, and Marry Carmen Electra
by Donovan McFupa August 6, 2007
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From stepbrothers, other people have seen it too.
Fuck-marry-kill was still popular back in 2008.
by Solid Mantis June 27, 2020
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When two people randomly load a revolver with two bullets, two blanks, and leave two chambers empty. One person randomly spins the cylinder and fires at the other. If it clicks, they fuck. If it’s a blank, they marry. If it fires…
“I had to leave her she kept insisting that we play fuck marry kill Russian roulette

“Damn that’s psycho. Glad you got outta that”
by cougarpuzzlebox August 6, 2023
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