fuck is the only fucking word that can be used in every fucking sentence and still make fucking sense for fucks sake
fuck you
fuck me
we're fucked
im fucked
for fucks sake
i want to fuck you

fuck off
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by anonymous and really cool guy November 19, 2017
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An inappropriate remark. Usually used when your trying to exaggerate something or make a point.
by nanaimo anon - b frid March 18, 2015
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Once had shock value, but is now more common than a tattoo on a fat girl's back.
"You think this definition will get the thumbs up"?

"Do I fuck"

by irreverent August 04, 2006
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Surprisingly enough, it's not a synonym for marijuana.
"Let's smoke some fuck, man."
"... What?"
by Mohamdu December 24, 2005
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Means to have sex, but can be used in other fucking ways, like an adjective or a proper noun. Basically for fucking everything.
1: Let's fuck in the car.
2: (game over) FUUUUUUUUUUUCK!
3: Fucking teachers giving out fucking grades.
4: You dumb fuck.
by Lick101 February 25, 2016
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Same defination as fuck but it is stated with not such certainity and confidence. It is stated very smoothly and calmly, and stated as a question. Usually stated when one is not sure if he/she should actually say fuck, or doesn't find it necessary to say fuck with aggression.
<A baby drops something from its mouth on your foot>
You: fuck?
by N/A October 19, 2004
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A highly versatile word in the English language.

Mistakenly thought to have come from an acronym "Fornication Under Consent of the King", the word most likely of native English origin, and is almost certainly of Germanic origin; Middle Dutch fokken (to thrust, copulate, or to breed), dialectical Norwegian fukka (to copulate), and dialectical Swedish focka (to strike, copulate) and fock (penis).

The word originally meant "to strike", "to thrust". Possibly becoming a euphamism for an older verb meaning "to copulate/breed" (likely from hyebh-; Sanskrit (yabhati) and the Slavic languages (Russian yebat`, Polish jebac)), the term took on the current meaning "to copulate".

The verb also means "to put into an impossible situation" in today's world ("You fucked us up!"), or as high praise ("fuckin' awesome!")

Even still, "fuck" is used as an expression of hate ("Fuck you!"), despite that copulation is really a pleasurable thing.
"To fuck" in different languages:

Albanian: qi
Bosnian: jebati
Bulgarian: eba
Czech: mrdat, prcat, šukat, šoustat, jebat
Danish: kneppe, bolle, pule
Dutch: neuken
Finnish: naida, panna, nussia
French: baiser, fourrer, niquer
German: ficken, bumsen, vögeln, poppen, knallen, pimpern, nageln, rammeln, pullern
Hungarian: baszni
Hindi: chodna
Icelandic: ríða
Irish: Buail craicinn, sgaoil leathair
Italian: fottere, scopare, trombare
Japanese: étchi surú
Kurdish: gan
Kyrgyz: sigein
Lithuanian: pistis, kruštis, dulkintis, pyškintis
Malaysian: kongkek
Norwegian: pule, knulle
Persian: gaeedan
Polish: pierdolic;, pieprzyc, jebat;
Portuguese: foder, montar, pinar, comer, transar, trepar
Russian: jebát’, jebát’sja, snošát’sja, trákhat’, trákhat’sj
Serbian (Roman): jebati, karati
Scottish Gaelic: dàirich, faigh muin, rach air muin
Spanish: follar, follarse, (Argentina, parts of Uruguay) coger, (Mexico) chingar, jalar, tirar, pichar, culear, joder, vergar, cachar, garchar
Swahili: kutomba
Swedish: knulla, göka, pippa, älska, pöka
Thai: yed
Turkish: sikmek
Ukrainian: jibáti, jibátisja
Welsh: ffwcio, ffwrcho, cnuchio
by Lorelili February 15, 2006
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