Used to convey the extremity of an object or situation.
Omg, did you see Josie? She has fuck off massive tits.
by gunnmeister July 11, 2022
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Something only Dylan uses that makes no sense whatsoever.
Please never use fuck off my grass because it makes no fucking sense
by Bruhhhhhhhh$$25 April 18, 2016
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A Holiday that is about people needing to leave that person the Fuck Alone in general and it only happens in one month one week only!
Guy 1: Yo how's it going?
Guy 2: Wtf yo why you bothering me?
Guy1: dude I just came to check on you-
Guy2: it's national Fuck Off Week!
Guy1: Omg I forgot about that my Apologies...
Guy2: Hmph...
by April 21, 2021
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