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A "know it all" that actually knows very little. Talks a lot but says very little of value. Every word out of his or her jaw is most often best ignored, especially if you can't sort through the crap.
He gives a wonderful first impression but once you get to know him you'll realize what a real fuck jaw he is.
by Clancey Lufkin May 04, 2006
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An absolute moron. We're talking George Dubya Bush levels here!

Most commonly assosiated with people who talk shit (hence, fuckjaw).
"The war in Iraq wasn't just for oil."
"Yeah right, fuckjaw."
by Keyser_So_So May 13, 2005
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Fuck-Jaw is when you have used your mouth so many times to perform oral sex that your mouth is so tired it can no longer open to even eat. Much like Lock Jaw!

When your jaw AKA mouth can no longer open because of too much sexual acvitity.

When a mouth is fucked so many times by a big cock that it can no longer stay open for further pounding.
"Dude!""Bobby pounded that bitches mouth until she got Fuck-Jaw!"

"Apparently Debbie died of Fuck-Jaw!"

"Once again I was on another date with some bitch called Susan... the ho' couldnt take my big cock, and the dumb bitch got Fuck-Jaw after 2 hours of jackhammering her mouth!" "So anyhow I just bent her over and fucked her in the ass!"

"I heard Glenn came down with Fuck-Jaw in Miss Anderson's Drama class...Hrmm I guess hetro status may no longer be guarenteed!"
by September 01, 2006
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