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Marx the philosopher was a communist Nazi pig that is now sucking Hitler's cock in hell! And from what Linda Blaire in the exorcist says, Marx is doing a great job of it to!

Karl Heinrich Marx was born in Germany and came from a long line of Jewish Rabbis. Marx's family rejected Judaism and moved onto Christianity (which that's about the only fucking good thing he ever fuck'n did!). However the Marx family only did this out of pressure from the government, so in a sense depending on outcomes the Marx family may have converted to Satanists if it were on the cards. Why struggle when you can bend?

Karl Marx then came up with this crazy theory about the working class and the struggles of mankind in regards to labor markets. Cutting a long story short, Marx was just someone who got caught up in the moment of the times and was a total hypocrite!

Marx was apparently for the working classes and had all these Nazi theories of giving up your personal freedom, control and wealth to the government, but yet Marx married into wealth, and not only that he married into royalty!

Marx married Jenny von Westphalen a daughter of a German baron. This was kept very secret at the time as Marx was going into politics and didn't want to be perceived by his hard working class folk as someone who was a hypocrite!

Marx most famous works are 'Class Struggles', however now marrying into royalty with rich fuck buddy friends like Friedrich Engels and having sex with maids, Marx's only struggle in life was to keep up a perception of deceit!

In a sense Marx opened the door to Hitler! See cunt, traitor and terrorists.

And for further information on fuck buddies. See George Michael or AIDS-fuck.
"I can't believe that Marx maggot can lie straight in a coffin!"

Sebastian: Well some people tried to blow up his tomb over in London you know." Te he he
Karen: Any luck with that Marx shit?
Sebastian: No unfortunately. I guess it's hard to blow shit out of the ground!
Karen: Well it was easy for Marx to blow it out his mouth?
by MilkyMoon777@Hotmail.com September 01, 2006
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A vagetarian is somebody who only eats vaginas! See Bull Dyke, Rugmunchers, Lesbians or Pussywillows.

Vag-et-ar-ian = Vagina shorterned with vegeterian.
"Oh did you hear Lara is now a vagetarian?"

"Oh really?" "Well I must give her a call and ask her if she wants to eat out some time?"
by MilkyMoon777@Hotmail.com September 01, 2006
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To express surprise or discomfort at a situation.

'Sweet Shit in a Bucket' is a dirty remark that is mostly used by people in the U.K when upset.
"Sweet Shit in a Bucket!" "How dare you leave that dildo on the steps of a Muslim Mosque... go take it in and throw it at them!"
by MilkyMoon777@Hotmail.com September 01, 2006
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Fuck-Jaw is when you have used your mouth so many times to perform oral sex that your mouth is so tired it can no longer open to even eat. Much like Lock Jaw!

When your jaw AKA mouth can no longer open because of too much sexual acvitity.

When a mouth is fucked so many times by a big cock that it can no longer stay open for further pounding.
"Dude!""Bobby pounded that bitches mouth until she got Fuck-Jaw!"

"Apparently Debbie died of Fuck-Jaw!"

"Once again I was on another date with some bitch called Susan... the ho' couldnt take my big cock, and the dumb bitch got Fuck-Jaw after 2 hours of jackhammering her mouth!" "So anyhow I just bent her over and fucked her in the ass!"

"I heard Glenn came down with Fuck-Jaw in Miss Anderson's Drama class...Hrmm I guess hetro status may no longer be guarenteed!"
by MilkyMoon777@Hotmail.com September 01, 2006
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A common expression that British subjects use for an overly horny man who would literally fuck anything with a slit, gash or hole in it. See Hugh Grant or The Prophet Muhammad.
I reckon that guy Tim is so overly sexed he would shag an open wound!

"That's right Andy, fuck everyone!" "You'de fuck an open wound if you had half the chance!"
by MilkyMoon777@Hotmail.com September 01, 2006
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Islamic Fundamentalists are Muslims who believe that The Qur'an should be used as a guide to take over the world in the name of Islam.

Islamic Fundamentalists or Islamism is when all the world is run off:

1. Islamic political systems
2. Islamic legal systems
3. Islamic economic systems
3. Islamic social values systems

This is all based around The Qur'an or Sharia Law. Despite the The Koran being plagiarised off The Bible, it is truly a disgusting system that in today's society has many women raped and killed. See Muslimah.

Islamic Fundamentalists are Muslims who want one thing. World Power. World Dominance and everything that comes with it. Basically an Islamic Fundamentalist is a Muslim that has lived in the stone-age all their life and is now suffering for it, but now wants to control the world even though they barely know how to control a sheep herd. See terrorists.

Islamic Fundamentalists want to bring the world back into a stone-age way where instead of governments running the world, the Islamic Faith will run the world in every aspect of the way.

Islamic Fundamentalists is just another word for communism mixed with a religion that was stolen and then perverted and changed to suit a pedophile who called himself The Prophet Muhammad. See Mecca-Cola for more Islamic thieving!

Islamic Fundamentalists hate any non-believers and will have them killed at first chance, as they are rewarded in their XXX-rated-heaven at the day of judgement for killing as many non-believers as possible. See Religious Imperialism or Religiousization.

Islamic Fundamentalists are refugees that come into civilized countries acting most uncivilized.

Islamic Fundamentalists are dirty refugees that believe in The Muslim Brotherhood, that Islamic law will be made compulsory all over the world. There will be no choice and obedience is demanded, or death will quickly follow.

Islamic Fundamentalists are Nazi styled dictators who want to take away freedom of choice and free will from developed nations and their people.

The Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini got his wish and made an Islamic Republic of Iran that is based off The Koran in every aspect of life for a Islamic Fundamentalist. Presently in Iran there is wide spread poverty, aids epidemic, drug epidemic, wars, corruption, population bursts through the Ayatollah banning condoms and then changing his mind and bringing them back, and this is but a few!

Islamic Fundamentalists have no idea what their doing and many people have died and are suffering at the hands of a misrepresented Satanic book called The Koran.

If Islamic Fundamentalists got their way our world would resemble Iran or Lebanon, a complete shithole of disaster and confusion with widespread death, chaos and devastation.
Islamic Fundamentalists take away civil rights and civil laws and replace it with evil The Koran.

Islamic Fundamentalists reject men and women as equals and accept that a man has the right to beat a woman but not break her bones unless many attempts have been made to help beat the shit out of her!!! See emotionally raped or wife beaters.

Islamic Fundamentalists reject that the Mosque and State can be separated. They believe whatever happens in the Mosque ripples through the state and it's politics. Mosque and State Affairs of a country are the same. In other words the Church runs the country.

Islamic Fundamentalists reject that any Muslim that saves their soul to become a Christian, or moves away from being a Muslim must be swiftly killed. If you are born a Muslim there is no choice but to stay a Muslim unless you want to be executed. See emotionally raped.

Islamic Fundamentalists at this stage are allowing non-muslims in western countries to live, but in time they believe either we will submit to their evil or have our heads hacked off with a blunt sword!

Islamic Fundamentalists are vile Muslims that should be sued for plagiarising The Bible and turning it into Satan's filth. Bible was done 3,000 years ago while Koran was done practically yesterday in the 7th century!
by MilkyMoon777@Hotmail.com September 01, 2006
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