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something said to express a vague, but intense, desperation or frustration with any or all of the following:

- the world
- yourself
- responsibilities
- everything you know
- a feeling
- religion(S)
- answers without questions
- questions without determination
- inability it seems to start anew
- fleeting
- loss of faith/wonder
- awareness of unawareness
human: (banging fist on ground) fuck it ALL, fuck it all...

human: (laying on ground staring listlessly into nothing) fuck it all... fuck it all.

apathy ignorance despair wonderland insane insanity
by exploreuncertain July 01, 2010

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A feeling or desire when beauty cannot be seen.
There must have been hundreds of subtle influences disguised as whispers that amounted to one strong presence of a voice that said: Give up.
by exploreuncertain July 01, 2010

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