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1. a phrase used when an individual gets angry and has nothing else to say.

2. a phrase used just to be funny.

3. a complete silent breaker that makes people laugh

4. a random phrase used when you get bored or are losing in a game with your friends.
1. What? I have to go to that 6 hour play?! Fuck in my shit.

2. (Jimmy and Bob are outside playing baseball)
Jimmy: dude, look at that car, isn't it sweet?
Bob: Well...fuck in my shit
Jimmy:*laughs* haha

3. (you attend a party at Suzie's house and someone said something that made everyone else silent)
Suzie: I think i'm pregnant
Joe: Fuck in my shit!
(everyone laughs)

4. (you are losing on Halo 3)
George: Ahh! God dam! Fuck in my Shit!!
by Guraski March 19, 2007
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