to be totally pissed off at someone

hunters used to kill ducks with ease or "fuck up the duck" now "fuck-a-duch"
by TK February 17, 2005
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Something a young and\or immature child would say when in a state of distress or when highly perplexed by a situation.
" I totally messed up today in Algebra, I couldn't help but just yell fuck a duck in front of everybody. I can't believe my teacher wrote me a detention slip over it."
by chinchilla_chalupa September 30, 2013
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I told you not to fill my presciption and you filled it any way. I'm sorry ma'am. It's the fact you filled it when I specifically told you not too. Ma'am why don't you go fuck a duck?
by Fidel Castro March 08, 2004
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Can be used discreetly against offending persons disguised as a cough in order to insult. Can be used as an exclaimation of surprise.
Random Person: You know what, you're a bitch! *walks away*
You: *cough* fuckaduck! *cough*
Random Person: What was that?
You: Nothin'...
by Fayelicious October 13, 2005
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An old ugly women of loose persuation. ie. An old slut. Used only rarely to the ugliest of characters of which you feel even a duck would not go near them. What defines a Fuck a Duck is the pure ugliness of character in which she completely lacks.
a. Look at that old fuck a duck! So ugly a duck won't even go near her.
b. What is that old fuck a duck complaining about this time?
by DinaDiz December 07, 2007
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