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When you are very surprised and cant think of anything to say you look at pile of bricks and say :FUCk A BRICK"

Or shit a brick, but worse
"I just one 2 billion pounds"

"urrrmm FUCK A BRICK"
by flippingfantasticwords January 03, 2012
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When an individual intends to say "fuck a duck" and "shit a brick" in consecutive order, but the thoughts have become muddled in their mind, thus resulting in a shortened word, containing elements from both expletives.

Similarly, the individual may say "shit a duck", although this is less commonly encountered.
Jack: Did you see the fucking tits on that MILF?

Vella: Now that is some quality boobage.

Stuart: Fuck a brick
by stuartbigdick November 21, 2009
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