A really stout person that tries to lay on You. Their like “ Baby I love you “, and try to show you by hugging and squeezing the loving air out of you. You try to reciprocate but all you can say is “ Get off me your like a fucking brick.
by QueenOlmos November 5, 2019
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1. Something to say instead of "Shit!" when you mess up or fuck up. It sounds cooler.
2. You could always add I will to the beggining.... And then people think you're crazy
3. Something to say when in complete and utter disbelief
4. a way to express how mad you are or someone would be (So very mad)
1. Person stubbs toe, "Shit a fucking brick and chicken!"
2. Tonight I will shit a fucking brick and chicken.
3. Shit a fucking brick and chicken, Owen's dating HER!?!?
4. If I don't get this done, my mom will shit a fucking brick and chicken..
by TRINNY BITCH September 9, 2011
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When you are very surprised and cant think of anything to say you look at pile of bricks and say :FUCk A BRICK"

Or shit a brick, but worse
"I just one 2 billion pounds"

"urrrmm FUCK A BRICK"
by flippingfantasticwords January 3, 2012
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When an individual intends to say "fuck a duck" and "shit a brick" in consecutive order, but the thoughts have become muddled in their mind, thus resulting in a shortened word, containing elements from both expletives.

Similarly, the individual may say "shit a duck", although this is less commonly encountered.
Jack: Did you see the fucking tits on that MILF?

Vella: Now that is some quality boobage.

Stuart: Fuck a brick
by stuartbigdick November 22, 2009
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to be fucked over by a brick or brick like object.
That block just brick fucked me into the lava
by Alpharoy November 12, 2009
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when you run out of connies so you have to build one out of old lego bricks.
dans so poor he had to brick fuck that ugly old bitch
by sockpuppet123 April 26, 2007
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