2 definitions by James J Miron

A regional term meaning very arid, unique to the small iron mining town of Republic, Michigan which is near Lake Superiors Southern shore. Sometimes used to describe the current weather or a super-heated Finnish sauna.
"Damn, it's drier than a popcorn fart in the month of July."
by James J Miron January 22, 2006
A derogatory expression indicating disgust with an individual or group of same. An expression of bravado. A colloquialism from the iron mining village of Republic in Michigan's Upper Penninsula. Most typically followed by the somewhat nonsensical term, "or feed 'em fish," for emphasis.
"So what if we're smokin' dope on the front steps of the cop shop, I say fuck 'em or feed 'em fish."
by James J Miron January 25, 2006