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For The kill - Based on For the win(ftw)
knife le onoseurs ftk!
by Leetcard2 September 26, 2004
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For The Kids!

A chant heard at Penn State's THON. Everything we do is for the kids.
"Why would you not sit or sleep for 48 hours?"

by 4 diamond October 04, 2008
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Acronym that stands for "for the kids", a term used by the sensei and the gakusei that refers to performing a certain task with great enthusiasm and high level of competence for the love of the kids.
"Yo let's do a quick pug ftk!"
by oppa March 17, 2008
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Force Team Kill-

Like a normal team kill, but instead, you jump infront of their rifle/tank/car/helicopter taking off/etc...

Is best used on the Battlefield PC games when you want someone off the game, so you ftk and punish until they get booted.
Bobby- "YO! spec ops? why the fook you take off without me?"

Spec ops- "I aint be needin no pussy ass engineer in my heli."

Bobby- (after jumping on the front of Spec ops' Blackhawk)
"how you like them apples bitch? Punish!"

Spec ops- "Damn you noobs and your FTK!"
by Bobby Brown 1987 March 03, 2007
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Fucking Theater Kids, the perfect moniker to utter under your breath when you are fed up and annoyed with all of the loud-mouthed theater kids shouting and singing loudly and demanding attention everywhere they go.
I really wish that FTK would stop shouting the lyrics to Rent into my ear
by Neenee Starshine July 16, 2010
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