For the Horde. It refers to "The Horde" one of the two factions in World of Warcraft.
"Alliance suxorz. I am FTH!!!!one"
by Jadzia Dax December 10, 2006
tommy: what u doin tonite john
John: hangin with my girl
Tommy: man FTH
by brad_d November 13, 2006
For the hoes
Like ftb but for girls
Sheila: You're coming to girls night out, right?

Cristy: Nah sorry I've got homework

Sheila: C'mon be FTH!

Cristy: Alright sure!
by swaggy_Z February 10, 2017
"finding that humerous"

the word is used in context simliair to words such as "lol" or "rofly" - but is intended to be more precise.

It acknowledges that a statement is humerous, but does not imply that you are doing something you might not be doing (such as laughing).
Person A: quote
Person B: fth


Person A: fth?
by Pat January 10, 2004
Sam: you looked so good last night
chantelle: I know. FTH

used when you would ordinarily hair flip.
by idiopathicfuddyduddy January 6, 2015
For "The Horde."
A group of people that are nothing less then equal and stick up for one another like a band of brothers/sisters.

also, (more commonly known as) one of the two factions in World of Warcraft.
John Hock is for the Horde. {FTH}
by Angela Arroyo September 8, 2007