FTH *can be used as a caption
FTH is not a phoenetically aesthetic acronym.
by Quick1 February 27, 2011
There are many different FTW's (EX. my user ecFTW FTW means for the win). FTH stands for FUCK THAT HOE. Can be used in texts, and both mean or nice.
Adam: Saaaaame
by ecFTW December 5, 2016
F**k That Ho
Say ur looking in ur bed for the rest of ur halloween candy but u cant f**kin find it u would yell out FTH (FuckThatHo)
by Tamie** November 3, 2009
Acronym for "FUCK THEM HOES"
Often meaning a girl named Mya or Kali sometimes Odalise. BUT MOSTLY MYA. Used after a break up. FUCK THEM HOES @Darin
"Man, FTH!"
"I know right?"
by Daddy.S April 16, 2017
"Fuck That Hoe" could be taken as having intercourse with a "hoe" or meaning forget that "hoe."
Man I really wanna FTH. OR. Dude FTH she nasty.
by SpeakerOfTheMind October 12, 2016
1) For the Horde

2) For the Homos

The two teams are rivals.
See stickam.
1) John Hock and Jeffree Star are FTH.

2) Matthew Lush and Kiki Kannibal are FTH.
by LindsayXD December 1, 2007