F**k That Ho
Say ur looking in ur bed for the rest of ur halloween candy but u cant f**kin find it u would yell out FTH (FuckThatHo)
by Tamie** November 02, 2009
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acronym for FUCK THEM HOES
tommy: what u doin tonite john
John: hangin with my girl
Tommy: man FTH
by brad_d November 12, 2006
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1) For the Horde

2) For the Homos

The two teams are rivals.
See stickam.
1) John Hock and Jeffree Star are FTH.

2) Matthew Lush and Kiki Kannibal are FTH.
by LindsayXD November 30, 2007
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For The Holidays, Pronounced "For The Holiday." Derived from FTW (For The Win) and FTL (For The Lose).
Bukkakke at my house...FTH...IDB...FTW!
by TK-427 December 23, 2005
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For the hoes
Like ftb but for girls
Sheila: You're coming to girls night out, right?

Cristy: Nah sorry I've got homework

Sheila: C'mon be FTH!

Cristy: Alright sure!
by swaggy_Z February 09, 2017
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"finding that humerous"

the word is used in context simliair to words such as "lol" or "rofly" - but is intended to be more precise.

It acknowledges that a statement is humerous, but does not imply that you are doing something you might not be doing (such as laughing).
Person A: bash.org quote
Person B: fth


Person A: fth?
by Pat January 10, 2004
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