Funny Turn.
Basically stolen from the Georgia Nicolson books.
'I was so nervous waiting to go into that exam that I had practically had an FT'
by Zwazzle.like November 20, 2007
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when a artist collabs with another artist(s) on the same song.
Title :
'blackbear - Anxiety (ft. FRND)'
via giphy
by KitsuneDia February 08, 2018
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Well I thohght this meant fuck tonight but apparently it's facetime...
Boyf: wanna ft?
Me: *sarcasm that's romantic, totally
Boyf: would you want to gently facetime in the hills upon this evening???
Me: oh
by QuestioningEverything July 01, 2017
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an abbreviation for "featuring", used in playbills, especially standup comedy.
We have an amazing lineup tonite at the Comedy Club, ft. Maria Bamford and Paula Poundstone!
by Postmodern Dog September 07, 2017
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