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when you are frustrated with being screwed over, lied to, cheated, ripped off, etc.
I'm so over the top fruckstrated with my company. Every new account I brought in has been reassigned. fucked over

That mechanic has told me four different days my car will be ready. Talk about fruckstrated! lied to
by margarant August 19, 2010
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The act of becoming sexually frustrated. When no matter how horny two people are, nothing is going right and it becomes really pointless and annoying. Whether it is not being able to find a good position, having too much on your mind or just a lack of any chemistry. In the end, one or both are left completely unsatisfied and extremely cranky. *also pronounced: fuckstrated*
AHH I am so fruckstrated! Just put your damn pants back on, this is'nt going anywhere!

My girlfriend was so fruckstrated yesterday, damn finals made her so stressed out that's all she could think about.

Honey, I am so horny but no matter what I can't get off. Maybe Im just fruckstrated. Erg...I hate when this happens. :/
by beeeeeerrrrrrrrrrfarts October 03, 2010
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