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Someone that you are cousins with and you are also friends.
My cousin Robin is such a great friend. She is my "frousin."
by Sasha Grubnick August 25, 2009
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'frousin' refers to the words friend and cousin combined. It means that yall are more than just cousins, you are friends also.
hanging out with my frousin.
by frousins4lyfe November 21, 2010
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A person that is somewhat related to you and also a friend.
As in your cousin's cousin who is technically not related to you, but you may still attend extended family events together. You are also friends through school or an activity like pom pons.

Meet my frousin, Nora, I am going to her wedding in August.
by Liz Monty April 27, 2008
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someone that you were friends with, then found out they were actually your cousin. a friend/cousin is a frousin
Mike is my brother, Vida is my sister, Ced is my cousin, but Monique is my frousin!
by beezy body March 31, 2007
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A friend in your social circle that happens to be your cousin too. Some people can get offended if you say they're 'just' your cousin and it's harder to explain that your friend is also your cousin so a bit of cut and shut amalgamation - presto
Hey guys have you met Liz, yeah she's my Frousin, yo!
by Emso37 September 07, 2014
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More than a cousin, a friend. A friend cousin.
Here comes my favorite frousin with my Sumol.
by Teles23 February 05, 2021
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