A frosty is the end result of many rounds of fornication, where the female is covered in so much semen, she looks like Frosty the Snowman.
The rapper DTBased created the definition of Frosty.
I gave Maria a Frosty last night.
by Trigga3561 January 29, 2017
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When somebody is being flakey. Like when you make plans and they never show up, and give a mediocre excuse.
My girl has been hella frosty lately. We were supposed to see each other last night but she said she had to take her cat to the vet. I know for sure she has no cat.
by mwein99 July 03, 2019
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When you are feeling good; just chilling; living well.
person 1: hey how you feeling?
person 2: I'm frosty, man. you?
person 1: same, I'm frostin.
by thedklife October 25, 2015
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Beyond just ordinary coolness. Really cool, & something you want to emphasize as beyond just "cool."
Wow, that video game is beyond cool - it's frosty.
by OneFrostyDude February 25, 2016
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Yo max, can’t wait to throw back some frosties after work man
by bigdawgg1824 July 02, 2021
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