Yo max, can’t wait to throw back some frosties after work man
by bigdawgg1824 July 02, 2021
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When someone is mad or annoyed and getting all bent out of shape. Some one who got their feelings hurt over something stupid.
Jackie Thomas and Sophia were playing uno. Sophia and Thomas gained up on Jackie to make her loose so she got mad frosty.
by Hi what's up December 19, 2017
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To be/act cool, awesome, beautiful, perfect, smooth you get the point. Like fleek but better.
Dude, that flip was frosty.
Girl you be looking frosty.
by Shredder13 July 12, 2015
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Being frosty, is being in a perpetual state of chilled out. Frosty individuals dgaf what's going on, who's at the party, whether their phone is dead or not, etc. Being frosty is to be at the epitome of relaxed.

Comes naturally to some, but for most it takes an honest effort. That said, frosty individuals are essential to any situation.

Free of shame and free of acknowledgement of their surroundings, frosty people are always there to fucking chill and hear everyone out.
"Yo its not personal, that dude is just super frosty"

"Did you meet Mike last night? He's frosty as fuck"

"Good meeting you bro, stay frosty"

"Yo that guy was hella frosty"

Person 1: "Whatcha doing TN?"
Person 2: "Staying frosty my dude"
by Sir Smokes A Lot March 05, 2018
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To be cold or annoyed towards someone for a short period of time
"Have you noticed that Stacey has been frosty towards Alex lately?"
by SaltyBitches January 22, 2016
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Someone who pulls the strings on their sweaters really tight so they look like a snowman.
Keith became a Frosty by pulling the strings on his white sweater.
via giphy
by Fone Bone February 13, 2018
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