to receive head outside when it is below freezing
Guy 1: Dude i heard tom got frost bite
Guy 2: Wait which kind? The good kind or the bad kind?
Guy 1(winking): The good kind

Guy 2: ayyyyyyy
by Fake Fakeson November 30, 2020
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offensive term for African american race derived from the injury due to extreme cold turning the part that is affected dark.
black man-wuzzup cracka
white man- what nigga?
black man-im just sayin sup
white man shut up you dam frost bite!
by simonblackguy May 28, 2010
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When a guy or girl holds a lot of ice in their mouth and then proceeds to bite ur balls or tip
Tyler: Ayo bro my girl gave me a frost bite last night I didn't like it at all

Nick: Damm fr she fucked u up
by Flareon_the_furry October 26, 2020
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When having sex with a female in a walk in freezer. You lick her nipples and stick her to the wall of the freezer.
Amy had to go home early I just gave her a frost bite.
by Angry persona March 2, 2017
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Verb; The action of downloading a song somewhere that you don't have to pay, or off of another person.
Person 1: Man this song has awful quality! Who did you frost bite it off?

Person 2: I know, it's from limewire.
by Alicexx July 17, 2010
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Tyrone i heard you got frost bite.”
“Yeah , I’m dating that white girl.”
by Tyrone Walker March 30, 2018
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to violently insert said ice cube up your significant others rectum, then to retrieve said water from said rectum with mouth in a sucking manner
jamey sucked the once frozen now melted ice cube out of mr slaves ass thus rendering the alaskian frost bite
by jarhead2042 January 5, 2011
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