A very large, fat, slightly fury woman that somebody would fuck but I wouldn`t fuck her if you paid me.
Larry was drunk so he was hitting on the Fromp at the bar even though his wingman advised highly against it "dude, don't talk to that Fromp, she will eat all your onion rings"
by cbdrunk March 13, 2015
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One who goes around smelling girl's bicycle seats.
As soon as Cindy got off of her Huffy, the town fromp ran over and took a whiff of her seat.
by .kC. February 01, 2008
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To have wild and aggressive yet and impassionate sex.
We fromped all night long.
by Stenman April 13, 2004
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To simultaneously frolic, hop, and stomp. In that order. To be used only when truly exhibiting fromping behavior. Often associated with llamas and foosball.
"Uhm, what the hell are you doing?"
"We're fromping! We're fromping our way to the foosball table. Do you like llamas?" *fromp fromp fromp*
by Eric the Half a Bee January 06, 2005
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