(Noun)A friend who is also a work colleague. Frolleagues are often created during a particularly rowdy night of work drinks and are useful as a sounding board for bitching about your work load/boss etc.
A bunch of my frolleagues are going out for a pint tonight.
by Sarah Pritchard October 12, 2006
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Friends + colleagues - for when your love and respect for your co-workers is both immense and totally work-appropriate; with a frolleague crowd, you typically switch between being fun and relaxed, and professional depending on the context.
At work: "I have a meeting until 5, but afterwards would love to spend time with frolleagues at happy hour."

At a weekend BBQ: "Solid beer choice from the new frolleague. Why aren't you this cool at the office?"
by Frolleagues for America July 8, 2013
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Someone who is both a colleague and a friend. There is a thin line between a friend and a colleague - for example you would go and have some ice cream with your frolleague during office hours, but you would not go out to a club with her to do the dirty wine
I was at work yesterday and my frolleague asked me to go down to 7-11 for some ice cream. I said ‘yes’
by Inspiredbeingco July 5, 2019
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A colleague who is also your friend.
I love my job. I work with some great frolleagues!
by U-dub May 17, 2016
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People who you work with that are more than colleagues but not quite friends. You really find them when you leave a company and you are deciding who gets the Facebook invite and who gets the LinkedIn invite.
My Frolleague, Bert, is really connected but I would not be seen dead with him at a bar, so I'll invite him to join my LinkedIn network. While I drink and work with Betty so she gets the Facebook invite.
by Leslie Dow October 21, 2007
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