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The random wanderings of people who are trying to escape from Ikea. Its often fueled by swedish meatballs and cinnamon buns. Characteristics include bouncing off sofas with names like Umflaut then walking around in random circles; and stacking flat brown boxes on carts and careening down warehouse aisles.
I went to Ikea to buy a couch but then Ikeamotion hit and I could not figure out how to escape without buying a desk, two side tables and a bed.
by Leslie Dow February 03, 2008

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People who you work with that are more than colleagues but not quite friends. You really find them when you leave a company and you are deciding who gets the Facebook invite and who gets the LinkedIn invite.
My Frolleague, Bert, is really connected but I would not be seen dead with him at a bar, so I'll invite him to join my LinkedIn network. While I drink and work with Betty so she gets the Facebook invite.
by Leslie Dow October 21, 2007

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The ToDid list is what the TiVO has on the History section of the ToDo list. Its what TiVO actually did NOT do (record) what you wanted it to do. They often differ, the ToDo and the ToDid....
Crap, I wanted to record Mythbusters but my ToDid list has The View instead.
by Leslie Dow February 05, 2008

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