a small frog, often in a pond or puddle.
person 1:yo, man look at that froglet!
person 2:yeah, he looks so happy in that pond/puddle!
by Michael Hinchcliffe December 17, 2005
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A boomer that has a pot belly and tends to be completely oblivious to reality, usually due to being a heavy drinker/smoker.
We ain't goin down that pub to watch the Football blud, that froglets gonna lose his mind if England lose.
by SuperhumanCock August 28, 2023
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Noun. An adolescent (often girl) who is charming but wilful. Wants to be grown up but also to stay as daddy’s girl. Term Often used Endearingly by a Father when talking with a daughter
by Odeone July 8, 2020
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A niglet with an afro.
Dayummm check out that fine froglet

Woah ur right man....hes got a big fro
by Obama love October 2, 2009
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A man sat in front of a dirty river as he's in his company a beautiful star, watches as he see a baby frog for the first time, she ask what are they called, the man under pressure not wanting to look stupid exclaimed "It's a froglet".
by Penut_Killer_99 June 16, 2021
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means Nenita Batumbakal Suarez. it is a direct insult to your face!
your an ochocherang froglets!
by puki mo! August 10, 2003
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