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1: Much Ribbit
2: Very Wow
3: Such Not Doge
4: Like Doge, but Froge
Lost Froge, plz halp
by Zee Cate December 21, 2013
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A farce; a fraud. A serious situation of fraud in the workplace that is similar to a frog. It is always hopping around the place and out there but it appears to be normal. Just like how a Froge is a misspelling of frog, you take a quick glance and it doesn't seem to be wrong until you take a closer look.
"Geez, we gotta pay attention to this Froge problem more or we might end up without a job soon!"

" The office seems fine, but deep inside there is a massive Froge problem. The CEO smells of Froge, I heard he bought twenty-five more helicopters out of thin air.
by BigStarBootyJudy July 29, 2016
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