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noun: 1. people stationed at the exit of a store to check you merchandise and receipt, to ensure that you have not shoplifted anything that the plain-clothed security personnel, ubiquitous cameras and hidden tag scanners did not detect

2. people employed by a store to treat you like a criminal, immediately after you just spent money in that store

Note: the greetard is sometimes tasked with double duty, as a frisker (see greetard),
Friskers are most usually found in Wal-Mart, Best Buy and Costco, although they are by no means limited to these establishments.
Friskers will almost always lie about the reason, when asked why they are checking your bag (ironic, since they are there to ensure honesty from the customer, but these store representatives are not bound by any code of honesty themselves).
"Phillip, let's go to Circuit City instead. The price is the same, and we won't be treated like criminals by the friskers when we leave the store."
by shankus December 01, 2004
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A derogatory term for someone from the Bay Area (San Francisco) of California. Usually reserved for upper-middle class white people, or people who move to poorer areas from the Bay Area to save money.
I'm so tired of all these damn friskers bringing their dirty money to Portland
by MarcusPope February 08, 2018
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