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A derogatory word used to describe Mexican people. This word is used for people who can be described as culturally extreme Mexicans. A Mexican who goes to all the national football games, and wears Mexican attire, makeup, maybe even a wrestler's costume or a mariachi costume in order to show his/her extreme devotion to the Mexican culture. A Person who can't eat food, unless there is enough chiles/ chili sauce to drown out the original taste of the food and who eats beans at every meal. A Mexican who at Thanksgiving eats Pozole and Menudo, instead of the traditional turkey and mashed potatos. A term a rich or middle class person of Mexico City uses to describe a Mexican person who is in the lower class.
Person #1: Did you watch the Nacovery Channel today, Pirruris said that the frijoleros like to dance a low class sonidero salsa on the streets.

Person #2 (fresa): Yes, Osea, I thing tha does frijoleros ar bery tacky.
by IDONTGIVEAFUCKY July 05, 2010
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racist term applied to mexican (and mexican-american) residents of the US. translates roughly as "one who prepares beans."
Don't call me frijolero, you pinche gringo puñetero.
by xf. June 30, 2004
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means beaner in spanish see
beaner commenly used as an insult in the U.S. (or a complemnt)
eres una frijolero wey
you are a frijolero wey
see: wey
by Eltapatio January 19, 2005
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Frijolero is the translation for beaner.
A beaner is a Mexican dwarf who sells oranges by the side of the road, toilet cleaner, fruit picker, etc.
Charles: The beaner frijolero almost got run over by a car with his rotten oranges.
Tom: That was a close call, man. ha ha Fucking beaner frijolero!
by war333 August 02, 2010
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One who swims across the channel from Mexico in order to illeagally reside in the united states
that damn frijolero ate my dog!
by Master of the Frijolero's October 19, 2003
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