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Meximierda is disparaging word commonly used by a Latin person to insult a Mexican. Latins for the most part view themselves above Mexicans and that's the main reason why they called Mexicans Meximierdas.
Meximierda in English means Mexi-shit. Meximierda is a slang word for Mexican in Latin circles. A Latin views a Mexican as inferior and worthless for the most part.
Ramon: None of the girls in the club want to dance with the ugly Meximierda Mexican.
Fernando: The girls can smell the shit of the Meximerda Mexican a mile away.
by war333 August 03, 2010

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Mexicaca is a racially motivated insult that originated in the late '70s against any Mexican walking down the street. Mexicaca is a cruel word to insult a Mexican at a party, school or work. Latins who hate Mexicans claim that Mexicans smell like shit and that's the reason why they call them Mexicacas.
Mario: Look at those dwarfs Mexicacas singing the Mexican anthem. ha ha
Javier: Mexicacas don't look like human beings, dude, they look like they're dwarfs from another planet. ha ha
by war333 August 03, 2010

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Frijolero is the translation for beaner.
A beaner is a Mexican dwarf who sells oranges by the side of the road, toilet cleaner, fruit picker, etc.
Charles: The beaner frijolero almost got run over by a car with his rotten oranges.
Tom: That was a close call, man. ha ha Fucking beaner frijolero!
by war333 August 02, 2010

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