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A Gringo Frijolero is a Latino that acts white. Literal translation is white beaner. As in despite how white you act your still a beaner, just a white beaner. It is synonymous with other terms describing self-hating Latinos, such as Vende Patria, Vendido, or Coconut.
(Salvadorean immigrant living in the US) "Im not Salvadorean, I am American."
(His Aunt visiting him from El Salvador) "You just a Gringo Frijolero."
by Boves December 23, 2017

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SJW is a white supremacist term that is used to label any issue that white people don't find important. It amounts to saying only the concerns of white males are legit and everyone's concern is ridiculous. Other social issues that are important to white people like taxes, immigration, terrorism and Black on Black crime is never labled SJW. Only things white people hate are labeled that.
"Black Lives Matter is nothing more than SJW bullshit."
by Boves January 18, 2017

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