fridolin is a swiss insult that people use when someone made a bad joke.
man, you're such a fridolin!
by blondeleek November 15, 2017
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Fridolin is the funniest person on earth. He brings laughter to the faces when ever he appears. His big penis will get every girl wet. He can get wat he wants, if ha tries.

His Wife now or later has the name Sahra, Angelina, Julia, Celine or Antonia.
Fridolin defines: All his girls have a big booty and smaller boobs.
by Fridiloin January 4, 2017
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He is the most beautiful person of the world. He is hot as the sun and also a really really nice guy.

If you get the chanche of talking with him,be happy an talk with him.
"Fridolin" is also a synonym for beautiful,nice and amazing
This house looks really Fridolin.
Oh,this girl looks fridolin
by IBoy13 December 28, 2016
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Fridoline is a girl you can always have fun with. it will NEVER get boring with her! You can also talk to her about ANYTHING, and that makes her very special. She's also really beautiful, confident, and sexy. I think everyone needs a Fridoline in your life!
-Fridoline loves to be the center of attention
by Morscha_598 November 23, 2021
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