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To make someone believe they are clicking a link for a video to anything but the Rebecca Black video, "Friday". This is the modern day "rick roll".
Hmm, secret trailer to new action film... *click*... awww man WTF?!?! My ears are bleeding, I think I just got Fridayed!
by misterfantastic08 March 29, 2011
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A verb; The state of being completely fried by the end of the workweek. A condition that results in showing up late, procrastinating, taking an extra long lunch break, and not being productive after 3:00 pm.... make that 10:00 am.
1) I'm so fridayed I think I'm going to add more words to Urban Dictionary.

2) Karen: "Did you see it took Jon P. 2 hours and 3 Mountain Dews just to log on and check his emails this morning?"

Matt: "Yuh he's totally Fridayed"
by LazyRiver July 23, 2010
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Verb; When someone sends you a video link of something titled that interests you, and instead of the link you are hoping for appearing, Rebecca Black's annoying song Friday comes on.
I was sent a youtube link titled "The Evolution of Dance" and when I clicked on it, god damn Rebecca Black's Friday came on instead. I just got Fridayed!
by Not a Rebecca Black fan March 28, 2011
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1. Posting a link to the song "Friday" by Rebecca Black similar to Rick-Rolling someone.

2. Playing the song "Friday" by Rebecca Black to embarrass/harass someone similar to Rick-Rolling.
Person 1: Check out this sick video dude!

Person 2: *Clicks link* "... It's Friday, Friday..."

by Asekicker April 19, 2011
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