A penis up the butt. Often used jokingly between friends or with someone quite oblivious to what a "frenchfry" is.
-Dammit, don't make me shank you with a frenchfry.

-Would you like a frenchfry?
by Sheenabon November 24, 2008
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More conclusive proof that George W Bush is a tit (see entry for Freedom fries); 'French' fries, like many things called French something-or-ther, were not even invented in France, and there is little evidence to suggest they were invented in Belgium, either.

In France they are generally eaten with steak (steak-frites), and were popularised by the Americans, who now, ironically, find the term 'French anything' sticking in ther craw... all because we aren't trigger-happy, Anti-Islamists.
"These French fries are clogging up my artery walls."
by Mordrez Moi September 16, 2006
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a person who feels the need to brag at a time when it is both completely unnecesary and completely pointless. French Fry comes from when we were sitting in mcdonalds and we decided that we needed a word to call people that do this gay shit.. thats when i saw a french fry
cool guy 1: ha, yo man, last nite u were pukin like a bulemic bitch after thanksgiving dinner
cool guy 2: ha forreal, i guess thats what happens when u take 32 shots
weak kid 1: i never puke after i drink!
cool guy 1: french fry!
cool guy 2: ha yeah dude, shut up u flamin french fry
weak kid 1: (tears)
by the urbanator September 24, 2004
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A skinny, long, unhygienic penis that has not been washed in a long time. It may have a small layer of crust made of semen and other penal discharges.
"Dude he whipped his dick and it was a total French Fry. I don't think he's showered in a MONTH."
by apartment401 October 21, 2009
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Derogatory term for French people. It has gained notoriety over the recent decade for many French people have sued people on cases of prejudicial verbalization.
''HEY, look at that pathetic french fry over there! They need to be cooked and toasted like they used to be!''
- Person 1

''The filth coming out of your mouth is astounding. Why is that these people have to be extremely ignorant?''
- Person 2

''I can answer that question!'' - Stephen Colbert
by Environmentalist November 14, 2008
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