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Anti-drug advertisement and website funded by the goverment to make us think that if you smoke marijuana, you will turn into a worthless hippie and kill people for a joint. The website has a "Your story" section where the people who own the site put up fake stories similar to this "Hi i am a 14 year oldz and I overdosed on marijuana, and almost died." or "I tried marijuana once, and became addicted and sold my body for sex. I then moved on to harder drugz."

Claims marijauna is addictive, will make you lose intrest in everything in life, causes cancer(This has been disproven), and that it makes you stupid, because statisitcs say so. The statisitics are not right, because many marijuana users were already stupid before they started smoking, and the smarter marijuana smokers won't admit they smoked because they KNOW they will be in deep shit.

See bullshit
by ZohMyGod December 21, 2006
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A modern day Harry J. Anslinger type of propaganda. It scares kids by telling them repeated lies everywhere they go about a plant. Created by people who know that repeating things over and over to children can mess them up enough in their head to the point that they will believe anything.
An example of a freevibe "personal" and "true" story:
"My name is Alex. I took a hit of a joint and got lung cancer. 5 minutes, later I fucked my sister and got her pregnant even though she's only 2. I used to get a 4.0 but now I can't remember anything or do any kind of school work. I got the munchies so bad that now I'm fat and have tons of acne. The next day I tried another hit because I'm addicted now and then I drove. I hit 420 people and killed 69 cops. Now I'm in prison for life, and all my goals have vanished. Also, weeds a gateway drug so I'm addicted to heroin. Gee willickers, I wish I never smoked that pot! Remember, it's cool to believe everything government sponsored programs tell you!"
by Teelay January 23, 2008
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This site is full of shit. I read on their site that weed makes you feel bad. It also said that riding in a car with someone who is high on weed is just like riding in a car with someone who is drunk. NOT TRUE. Weed doesnt fuck with your vision at all. The only thing weed does to you is MAKE YOU FEEL GOOD!!! In my opinion, you have to try smoking weed at least once before you can tear it down.
go to and look at all the bullshit info they have. Its too bad that people are stupid and will believe whatever these fucking idiots say.
by Monkey Rage January 10, 2005
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Government funded anti-drug advertisements that use things like rap and skateboarding in their commercials in order to appeal to teenagers. They also use black and hispanic kids in their ads because they're afraid of looking racist. features alot of altered and completely false information about drugs, which is misleading and blatantly irresponsible. says that using marijuana just one time will cause you to get lower SAT scores.
by sim sim salabim October 14, 2005
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