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a guy who is super perfect, always does anything to make you happy, and make you laugh. he's an amazing guy, but is rarely single, so if you see him be sure to get him if he's single. he's a funny guy who loves to act a kid, but can be mature in a needed situation. he's one of the best people on this earth. if you're lucky enough to have him, don't ever lose him !!!!
girl 1: the best thing in the world happened to me today!
girl2: omg did you meet fredy?!!!!?
girl1: YESSSSS!
by pepsimountainsmooth June 02, 2012
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A guy that is hella athletic hella chill and funny a gud guy a gud friend a person one can trust
Gurl 1 : hey im trying to talk to a guy
Gurl2: make shure he is a Fredy
by bored af... November 17, 2011
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someone who lies strait to your face more than once about the same subject
He told me he loved me for the 4 months we've been going out, now he says he was lieing... he's such a freakn' FREDY!
by sarah rinaldi April 13, 2003
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A guy that will lie to you just to get laid, he will pretend that he is a great guy but all he is doing is lying and he is also talking to other girls and telling them the same thing and probably trying to sleep with them too. He might be cute but he's a jerk off. If by any reason someone meets a fredy throw rocks at him
Girl1: "so I met this guy but I think he just wants to toot it and boot it what should I do?"

Girl2: "girl dump his ass he is such a fredy you can do better than that"

Girl1: "you're right"

Girl: "let's throw rocks at him"
by coolcoleen20 May 12, 2011
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A person who loves memes who has his girl friend buy him everything and is rarely single
A fredy is beating his meat
by Kkkmmmmkkkk November 08, 2018
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