He’s the best he’s funny sweet and he’s cool every girl wants to be with him
Girl 1: I want to be with fredi he’s cute.Girl 2: like for real
by Dangers21 October 26, 2019
Fredi sometimes can be really mean but he is really nice all the girls with like to be with him but he all ready has a girl but that doesn't stop from him doing him he can be rude but he sure is funny
Girl: wow he has such nice eyes
Girlfriend:Yeah i know hes the best boyfriend
#Nice #Fredi
by Icyyydonut February 28, 2018
a guy who is super perfect, always does anything to make you happy, and make you laugh. he's an amazing guy, but is rarely single, so if you see him be sure to get him if he's single. he's a funny guy who loves to act a kid, but can be mature in a needed situation. he's one of the best people on this earth. if you're lucky enough to have him, don't ever lose him !!!!
girl 1: the best thing in the world happened to me today!
girl2: omg did you meet fredy?!!!!?
girl1: YESSSSS!
by pepsimountainsmooth June 2, 2012
someone who is FRESH and READY
damn you know chris fragoso hes always fredy when we go club...
by chris fragoso March 2, 2009
A guy that is hella athletic hella chill and funny a gud guy a gud friend a person one can trust
Gurl 1 : hey im trying to talk to a guy
Gurl2: make shure he is a Fredy
by bored af... November 17, 2011