A nickname given by Sawyer/James Ford to Kate on smash hit TV series Lost
Sawyer: 'Sup Freckles?
by Paddy G September 25, 2006
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Common Australian slang for an anus or arsehole.
"Show us your freckle luv!"
"Fucking good shot mate, hit him fair in the freckle!"
by Xaypock March 24, 2003
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The dumb pig website where you do math and English
Teacher: go do any freckle work

Student: ugh fine😣
by A six year old November 20, 2020
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Act of farting on someone's face or body and leaving fecal residue resembling freckles.
Dude, last night at Tom's party, Kolby passed out and somebody freckled his face!!!!!

Yeah, freckling it was!!!.
by Michu19 January 17, 2011
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A love that last only the summer. Summertime love. Called freckling because, like freckles they can come and go.
Freckling is for true indecisive lovers. I'm in a freckled relationship as of the moment, talk to you in the fall
by Heaby July 04, 2018
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Term used to describe anything ugly or displeasing in nature. (Origin: from offensive sight of blemishes on face, politely refered to as "Not-Freckles)
Person A: Did that guy just flip you off?
Person B: Yeah, that was so Not Freckles of him.


Person C: Hey, do you think Person X is cute?
Person D: Nah, he's totally not freckles, with his hump and all of those Not-Freckles on his face/body.
by Ian Chen May 02, 2005
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A petname often given to a boyfriend who has many freckles
Jenn: Freckles where are you?

Travis: Here I am hun.

Jenn: Love me some Freckles
by Wmlovins May 03, 2010
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