very cute girl,, has interesting personality and an amazing smile, very loveable! funny and wonderful to be around. entertaining and always the life of the party
francoise is looking hott
by okkjs121 April 03, 2011
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beautiful caring girl.all the girls want to be her friend and all the guys want to fuck sexy and talented. everyone loves francoise. known for being understanding and thoughtful. anything francoise does is simply amazing.
i wish i was francoise
by coolueikcake47 April 03, 2011
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francoise (verb) francoised (past tense):

Committing an act of neglect, though the "neglector" intended no malice; often had good intentions.
The records a friend had borrowed were in fact returned in a timely manner, however, most of the sleeves contained either nothing or the incorrect record; I have been francoised.

Understanding the fact that he was unable to repair a piece of equipment he had recently destroyed, he left the equipment to be properly repaired by it's rightful owner; thus francoising him.
by dscapo May 01, 2009
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a person who awakens with boofy hair early in the morning, generally akin to the bantam chicken
Dude, you've got total Francoise hair!!
by MyfAngryKitty June 19, 2008
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An all encompassing term used to describe an inconsiderate event that, most always, happens to an unsuspecting victim. These events can include, but are not limited to: Stealing another person's milk from the refrigerator to use in one's coffee; Stealing another person's plastic fork from the drawer in their cubicle; Splashing water on another employee and saying to him after, "it is only water"; Placing one's food in the microwave, uncovered; Removing one's hot, uncovered food from the microwave, only to leave the exploded remains behind, never to clean up; Placing one's body directly in the path of an ongoing conversation, without using the the phrase, "Excuse Me Please" and immediately speaking to one of the participants of that ongoing conversation; Failing to use common courtesy in restroom situations, such as failing to leave a buffer between one's self and another restroom participant, slamming the toilet seat down only to scare all other restroom participants, just plain making way too much noise in the restroom and disturbing other restroom participants; Leaving one's food particulate in the sink after rinsing one's dish; Placing one's food on top of another person's food so one does not have to wait in line for the microwave
Holy Shit!!! That mother fucker just francoised you!!!

I can not believe the amount times I have been francoised this morning.

If I get francoised one more time today, I am going to flip the fuck out.

You have just been francoised...
by Detective L October 26, 2010
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Girl who gets all love that she needs. Gorgeous eyes, stunning body, awesome hair. So funny when she speaks, can make you feel so good.
by turaja August 26, 2010
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