french fries that fall out of their fast-food container and into the bottom of the fast-food bag. These fries do not belong to any one person in the group buying fast-food and should be shared by all.
FRies at the bottom of the bAG. (combination of FRies & bAG)
1. I can't believe you ate all the frags! Those were for everyone!
2. Suzy is such a greedy fat-ass. She stole all the frags before we got our food out.
by Erin, Kyle, Francesca January 03, 2008
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  • frag.men

1. To destroy the enemy through explosive means or ends in disembowling/dismembering.

2. To kill the enemy via a hand grenade.
1. I totally fragged all those n00bs while playing UnrealTournament!

2. I totally fragged that Nazi sumbitch.
by Ryan M. November 30, 2004
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Short for fragmentary grenade, a grenade designed to propel shrapnel, generally with an approximate radius of 15 feet.
Throw that frag into the bunker.
by Geoff January 19, 2003
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A slang word which is a shortened version of frag grenades or hand-grenades. Commonly used in First Person Computer shooting games.
"Bring your tanks...I got frags, I got frags."
by niceeeeeee January 06, 2007
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Noun; Verb

(N) A small piece of coral that was recently cut from a mother colony of coral.

(V) To cut or slice a living coral polyp/ flesh into two or more pieces, in order to be propagated into a new coral from the now smaller piece or fragment.
1. The frag of green star polyps is adjusting nicely to the new tank.

2. I tried fragging my old hammer coral, but it died because I cut it wrong.
by thedonchild August 24, 2012
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from Vietnam-era U.S. military slang via the games Doom and
Quake 1. To kill another player's {avatar} in a multiuser game. "I hold
the office Quake record with 40 frags." 2. To completely ruin something.
"Forget that power supply, the lightning strike fragged it. See also
by Anonymous April 11, 2003
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To kill someone in a severe or cruel manner, a tactic used often by the comic book character Lobo.
One more word out of your mouth, and I'll frag ya to kingdom come.
by HurrikaneMatt June 23, 2004
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