fat pussy lips; a term male swimmers use when looking at girls in tight one pieces
Kevin: Damn, look at Sofia's fpl.
Adrian: I would so tap that!
by swimming niggah October 09, 2011
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(F)uck'em (P)lease'em (L)eave'em
John- Oh, so she's your old lady now?
Shawn- Man Hell naw I'm fpl'ing that hoe!
by Pretty'Thickums August 01, 2010
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Fluctuating Power (and) Light to native Floridians,

Florida Power (and) Light to everyone else
Person 1: "Power's out. Again."
Person 2: "Dammit FPL!"
by - TDL January 10, 2015
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Guy one: omg did you see that girl mara i heard she has huge fpl!!

Guy two: Yeah i know i saw it the other day it’s nasty
by The Channing Tatum January 21, 2020
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