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A response to mewo.

Mewo was created as a mispelled "meow", subsequently used when you have nothing to say.

Fowo is a mispelled version of "woof".
"See..I have this friend...he died yesterday..."


by joon bug July 30, 2009
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Okay, Fowo is a word like owo or like uwu but just the word fowo cause why not.
Hey tom, fowo.
Oh hey Bob fowo.
by Foodwo October 20, 2018
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Fear of working out
When you want to go the the gym and get in shape, but you are anxious about what you look like, which in turn makes you look worse. Boohoo. You have FOWO.
Dave: "coming to the gym with me lad?"
Steve: "nah pal, I'm worried people will judge me based on my appearance"
Dave: "but you have to go to the gym to improve your appearance? How do you think them same people look great? You have to start somewhere!"
Steve: "I'm scared"
Dave: "Dave, you fat Bastard, get over your FOWO and get up and let's gowo"
by I'm fat. So what. June 12, 2018
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