All Terrain Vehicle (ATV)

Small, single rider vehicle that weighs from 300 - 600+ pounds. Meant to explore parts of this world that no Jeep, Land Rover, or Truck were ever meant to go. They come in wide varieties (auto, manual, semi-manual) (2-stroke, 4-stroke) (sport, utility).

Some brands are Polaris, Kawasaki, Honda, Yamaha, Arctic Cat, Bombardier, etc.
Let's go ride the four wheelers, TOMMY!

Tommy got his four-wheeler stuck in a creek! I'll go get my four wheeler to pull it out.
by Iceguy April 8, 2006
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a truck drivers' term for a regular car on the road.
Goddamn it! that fuckin four wheeler cut me off again!!
by bojzzle January 21, 2007
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One up from the tricycle, it is a foursome. Could be 2 guys and 2 girls, 3 girls and one guy, any combo really.
She had the hots for 3 different guys and really wanted to try out the four wheeler with them.
by Sashey November 19, 2007
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A sexual act in which the man in a doggy style position kicks the woman as hard as he can in the behind, causing her to do a complete front flip. Please note that it is only considered an "atomic four-wheeler" when the woman does a complete frontal flip.
My girlfriend and I were having sex, and I gave her an atomic four-wheeler. She almost killed me later.
by Recipe4Disasta October 30, 2011
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When you’re hitting it from the back, grab a handful of ass cheek, and stick your thumb in her butt.
Bro you know Tiffany? I gave her the ole four-wheeler throttle last night
by Gabe Owner February 14, 2021
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"That hustla Jeff has four-wheeler money. He's a straight up baller. His kid will be riding on dubs in no time."
by Neep Neep. August 31, 2007
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