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an alcoholic beverage drinken before 5:00 PM; used in context to make a person sound more sophisticated and less of an alcoholic.
I got up at 10:00 AM and made myself a fouche.
by Slim Cracka February 18, 2007
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FOB (someone who's "Fresh Off the Boat") + Douchebag =

Has said to appear in several nightclubs such as Ivy, the said subject has the likelihood of having long shoulder length black hair very dark tan skin. Medium in stature and wears "Ed Hardy" knockoffs probably from the Philippines. Claims the ability to dance with many women but has been spotted being rejected countless times. Attempts to join crowds of friends yet no one acknowledges his existence.

Has sometimes been spotted with a dirty Sanchez moustache.
by SuitUpAreWe October 13, 2010
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When out-witted in such a way by someone else that instead of saying touche, what you really want to say fuck you...fouche.
Partner A: "Why do you watch so many cooking shows? It doesn't make you a better cook."
Partner B: "well then why do you watch so much porn?"
Partner A: "Fouche......"
by herdsofbird July 25, 2015
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Short for fouchetabouche- Sydney slang for marijuana. Came about while having a sesh and overhearing a german woman shouting, and thus fouche was born.
1. ''bro are you on the fouche?'' ''yeah not gonna lie dude, i'm high as fuck right now''
by rainbrother May 18, 2011
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A female douchebag (girl variant of a fauxhawked, earringed, Affliction wearing D-bag). Trademarks include but are not limited to pink leopard print, dyed blonde layered hair over brown/black hair, partying it up on a weeknight with a 1-year old at home unattended.
Wow, do you see that fouche standing over there? Who drinks a chardonnay at a beer pong tournament?
by ZRit January 05, 2009
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This is a conjunction of two words.

The 1st word has been a crowd favorite for years and comes from the old English criminal act - acronym for Fornication Under Carnal Knowledge (F.U.C.K.). Since it has morphed into a word to be used in limiltess applications including the word fouche.
The second word is douche coming from the feminine hygene product (the douche bag) used to clean out a stincky hooha. Recently it has been used in context to describe anything from nasty breath to rude rappers that intrupt award shows to infuse their meaningless personal opinions.

When the pairing has been made then the applications are limitless, very similair to the word fugly, but so much more. Take it for a test run and use it freely. You will find its application easy to use and fitting in a wide verity of topics. Have fun kids! make sure to comment freely and often!
George Bush=Fouche (the purest form of the defination)

I was walking into the convience store when I saw this fouche slap his girl. Then I saw her crank back and deliver a nasty haymaker to his fouche ass, and knock him right into the rack on ding dongs and twinkies.

Fucking Douche Douche Dag Ass Clown Ass Dick fuckstick donkey snapperhead bitchlips
by kdiddio September 23, 2010
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